Monday, October 26, 2009

Part Chimp


Rock Action

is the third full-length to come from the gnarly South London noise rock ensemble Part Chimp. The initiated may not have considered the possibility of their ears registering any increase in blisteringly dense white noise after 2005's 'I Am Come' – surely the pool of blood on the floor beside your head testified to this? Think again my friends, think again.

Not only have the Chimp succeeded in tapping into a fresh seam of primordial musical sludge, they have created even louder blend of solid grooves, timber shiveringly-loud guitars and droning melodies.

Opener 'Trad' is, a pastiche of the stoner rock genre, is no less of a satisfying melodic drone-fest for being a piss-take. Dirty Sun is a grimy, epic strut that sees them exalting in some reframed Sabbath-like tropes.

Released on Mogwai's Rock Action label, the album represents something of an evolution in their noise-mongering ways – a progression from their indie/grunge roots, to sludgier, stonier ground, while at the same time remaining true to their rock band roots. If bleeding ears is your thing, Thriller is worth checking out.
Aaron Kennedy

Score: 7/10
Download: Trad, Dirty Sun
For fans of: Jesus Lizard, The Melvins, Harvey Milk

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