Monday, November 23, 2009

YOUR TWENTIES (Levi's OnesToWatch Residency)


Opening proceedings this evening are the brooding and frenetic The Bridport Dagger, a band who take their onerous epithet from a euphemism for noose rope. This three piece make atmospheric gloomy blues rock tunes that sound totally fresh and yet referential of some of the greats. Imagine Elvis or Orbision teaming up with a grim rock 'n' roll reaper; given enough rope this band could really turn some heads.

Second up are The Brute Chorus, a band whose energy isn't so much brooding in the shadows as it is flaunted in the foreground. Their chaotic, ramshackle 50's rock sound is ambitious and ballsy, and yet not overt about the careful craftsmanship holding it all together. You might say this band wear their metaphorical cocks on their sleeves – even if this can be slightly nauseating at times.

Headliners Your Twenties, on the other hand, are a band that seem hormonally challenged. Yes, the big tunes do elevate; yes, there are riffs catchy enough to spool out an entire adult-sized onesy in the duration of their short set, and yes, the grooves are Solid. As. A. Rock. ... but there's just no heart. I want to like this band, but their bloodless performance is all too stiff-upper-lip and very-cool-for-school. Think Kowalski without half the charm and, on average, slightly longer songs.
Aaron Kennedy

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