Wednesday, April 21, 2010

David G. Cox

David G. Cox

Dreamtrak Records

David G. Cox – a grand name for what seems like a very promising up-and-coming artist. This is Cox's debut album, and it comes in the midst of his Phd studies in black American folklore and gospel music. It sports thirteen darkly sparkling garage folk songs. As you might expect, academic that he is, the production and performances on Cox's album are all delivered with consummate professionalism; as you might not expect, the songs are actually quite evocative and listenable.

There's a sparse intensity in the instrumentation here that is reminiscent of both Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen. What's perhaps even more exceptional is the quality of Cox's voice – generally staying in the lower registers, and sometimes gravelly enough to recall (if not rival) Tom Waits himself. There's depth and variety in this album to keep drawing you back. Definitely worth having a listen.
Aaron Kennedy

Score: 7/10
For fans of Tom Waits, Tindersticks, Lambchop
Download: She Moves Through the Blue

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