Friday, May 21, 2010

Nicolai Dunger


Nicolai Dunger will be new to some of you. He shouldn't be. For this you should be truly repentant, and begin redress the imbalance by listening to this collection of effortless, jangly folk-pop songs on repeat for several days. It wont feel like penance though, in fact, you'll thank the good Lord for opening your eyes.

'Play' is Dunger's sixteenth album, and sees him pull in favours from Mats Schubert (Bo Kaspers Orkerster) and Nina Perrson (Cardigan). For past releases he has worked with the finest of his contemporaries (e.g. Will Oldham, Mercury Rev and Calexico).

On first listen 'Play' recalls Ryan Adams, but repeated listens really set him apart as trading in a more fluid, playful and – at the same time, classic, brand of pop. Pretty good for an ex-professional Swedish footballer, I'd say.
Aaron Kennedy

Score: 7/10
For fans of Ryan Adams, Calexico, early Van Morrison
Download: Heart and Soul

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